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The philanthropic DeFi token of the internet, designed to empower and facilitate charitable transactions.

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The Charity of the Internet

AngelCoin is a DeFi token that is working to build a community that combines their efforts to increase the access and frequency of charitable efforts. It will allow all types of charitable giving to be allocated by a community driven voting system and facilitated through the means of decentralized finance.

We believe that decentralized finance is a powerful system that can be used to further improve the world and we invite you to be a part of it.

Philanthropy + Defi + Internet = $ANGEL


With a charity fund of initial supply set aside, and a healthy redistribution, $ANGEL enables you to grow your wealth and make an impact to further improve the world together.

Token Supply

30% Burned
10% Pre-sale
10% Allocation
50% LP & Contract Supply

Transaction Tax

5% Redistribution
3% Burn
2% Liquidity pool
(10% per transaction)

Angel Rewards

We reward our angels with a 5% redistribution tax that puts $ANGEL back into your wallet every $ANGEL transaction.

Fund a Good Cause

We have allocated 10% of the initial token supply. 7% of which will go into the angel fund charity wallet, which donates as a community on a weekly basis.


Ownership renounced
LP tokens burned
100% Community driven
Community voting


Most charity coins just want to donate money. We want to innovate for DeFi and create solutions that act as bridges between DeFi and charities.

Phase 1

Private token presale
Community Milestone Manual Burn (30%)
Send coins to Charity and Dev Wallet
Launch on Pancake Swap
Renounce contract ownership
Community giveaway contests
Donations to charity
Starter marketing campaign

Phase 2

The Angel Initiative
Partnership with charities
Implement the BSC verified Angel voting system
Take online donation requests
Marketing campaign
Influencer partnership
CMC, Coingecko, and blockfolio listings

Phase 3

Creation of Angel Foundation
Ability to earn $ANGEL by working for a charity/our charity.
Utility implementation
(charitable efforts = $ANGEL)
NFT creations
Angel NFT collections made by artists
Artist-based NFT collections
NFT exchange platform
Official $ANGEL merch

Phase 4

Angel coin app to receive, send, and, hold our tokens (utility)
Large exchange listings
Partnering with cities to fund and incentivise charitable actions through our foundation.
Angel Charity Validator NFT= NFT validation token for people that meet a certain preset list of tasks.

Phase 5

Coming soon...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AngelCoin?

We are the world's best community driven philanthropic DeFi token. By introducing the ability to form a bridge between decentralized finance and charitable doings, we believe we can make a great impact on the future of DeFi tokens. Not only do we value our community more than anything, but we also give our community the ability to vote on what charitable causes we will be donating to through a blockchain verified integrated voting system.

Is AngelCoin on social media?

Yes we are! You can find all of our social media accounts here:

How is AngelCoin rug-proof?

AngelCoin is rug-proof as we are going to be renouncing the ownership of the token soon after launch, we are also going to be locking the liquidity to prevent us from retrieving any funds from it.

What does it mean to have renounced ownership?

When a token’s ownership is renounced, it means the owners are not able to make changes to anything on the smart contract or the token. Once the token’s ownership is renounced, it is essentially community owned.

Why can’t I see my balance on Trust Wallet?

In order to see the amount of $ANGEL tokens you hold, you must add AngelCoin as a custom token on the “add new token” section of your trust wallet. (Tutorial coming soon)

What is the Angel Fund?

The Angel Fund is the 7% of initial funds allocated to the charity wallet. One of the functions of AngelCoin is to grow the charity wallet and hold community votes for which causes we will send to. This way each Angel has a voice to where these funds are allocated.

How does AngelCoin choose which charities they will donate to?

When it comes to charitable donations, AngelCoin will implement an innovative voting system that is blockchain verified by checking each voter’s BSC address to see if they hold $ANGEL. Once they have been verified by the voting system, they will be able to vote once (each vote is linked to your BSC address).

Reward good deeds.
Community driven DeFi.

$ANGEL uses the Angel Fund and hosts a BSC verified community voting system to decide how the money is used.

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